Where is Julian Edelman in offense?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One question that popped up multiple times in today's Patriots chat was the role of Julian Edelman in the Patriots' offense.

Edelman, who looked terrific early in the preseason, has four catches for 14 yards on the season.

Based on playing time, Edelman is the No. 4 receiver on the depth chart. With the Patriots morphing from a three- and sometimes four-receiver offense to an attack that features more multiple tight end packages, Edelman's offensive snaps have been limited.

Bengals: 0 of 62 (did not play because of injury)

Jets: 10 of 61

Bills: 22 of 68

Dolphins: 5 of 58

Ravens: 8 of 76

Chargers: 10 of 76

Vikings: 7 of 54

Edelman is still contributing as a punt returner. He has seven returns for 83 yards (11.9 avg.).