Wilfork: Game plan let us be aggressive

During his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI on Monday, New England Patriots defensive lineman Vince Wilfork made some interesting comments on the physical play of the defense against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night.

"I totally 110 percent agree [that this was our most physical performance of the season], because the calls we had in allowed us to be aggressive,” Wilfork said. "From the coaches to the players, we never second-guessed out there when we made a call. When a call got sent in, it was just, everybody was so tuned in and knew exactly what they needed to do and it allowed us to play aggressive and hard.

"And you know what? When we play like that, and when we play consistent football, we play great. It's the times when we don't play consistent, it hurts. Last night was a great example of us all being on the same tune, jelling together, and going out there and being physical, especially up front. Both our offensive and defensive lines handled their front pretty well."

Wilfork credited the game plan for allowing the defense, which sacked Ben Roethlisberger five times, to be physical and aggressive.

"When we got this game plan, it was like, 'Man, I love it. I love it,'" Wilfork said. "Like I said, it allowed us to play physical and play aggressive. And that's how we played."

In a light moment, Wilfork discussed the possibility of racing Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, which is something the two exchanged jabs about earlier this season.

"I told Brady in the offseason that we'll get 'er done," Wilfork said. "You know what we're going to do? We're going to run for charity, that's what we're going to do. I'm going to talk to Mr. Kraft and we're going to go into Foxborough, go into the stadium, get your popcorn, ice cream, or whatever and we're going to race. ... We'll have everybody there. WEEI's going to be there, ESPN's going to be there, everybody is going to be there to witness this."

When pressed about the length of the race, the 6-foor-2, 325-pound Wilfork stressed that the best distance for him would be 40 yards.

"The race is going to be 40 [yards]. Anything shorter, he definitely won't win. Anything under 40, he will not win. I guarantee that one. The longer it goes, the advantage goes to him. Look here, anything after 40 yards, I don't need to be running that. I'll tell you that right now. But anything under 40 yards, he's in trouble."