Dilfer, Hoge talk Patriots-Jets

On SportsCenter tonight, analysts Trent Dilfer and Merril Hoge shared some early opinions on next Sunday's matchup between the Jets and Patriots at Gillette Stadium (4:30 p.m. ET).


"I'm not going to say the Jets are going to win the game, but I will say this: They will play better defensively [than Dec. 6 in a 45-3 loss to New England]. When they played the Patriots last time, it was their first look at this new Patriots offense, with multiple tight ends, a lot of different formations. The Patriots showed more formations in the first half of that matchup than they probably showed the Jets in the previous three matchups. So it was their first look at it. You give the Jets coaching staff time to identify this new look of the New England Patriots, I think they'll have more success with it."


"One thing I think you will see in the rematch is that Darrelle Revis is usually lined up and taking care of a guy. Reggie Wayne today. I don't think that can happen with the Patriots. The Patriots attack the middle of the field. Heck, there were times when they had Alge Crumpler, who would be their fifth most valuable wide receiver in a five-wide look, lined up wide and who was covering him? Darrelle Revis. You can't allow that to happen if you're the Jets. [You say] 'we can't allow them to out-formation us.' If they're going to put Alge Crumpler out there, put a linebacker out there and let Darrelle Revis go inside. I think you'll see those kind of changes. The Jet offense, what they did in the second half, they have to duplicate that for four quarters, control the tempo, finish drives with their running game, and slow down the Patriots offense and give them fewer opportunities."