Young: Trash talk won't work for Jets

In the video above, Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young discusses the impact of comments from Antonio Cromartie and Rex Ryan of the Jets and the rebuttal from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

What impact will these comments have on the actual game Sunday?

“I think quite a bit, only because this is a team, the Jets, that is just full of bluster and brashness,” Young explains. “Under pressure, this team has shown me two extremes: 1) See Pittsburgh, at Pittsburgh a few weeks ago -- pretty good; 2) See [at New England], for the division title [in the game on Dec. 6], not good at all, I mean they fell off the table.

“To me, if you had that happen to you, if you were embarrassed at one of the key moments of the regular season in front of the whole world, how would you react? Would you be brash and bold and talk big or would you kind of settle back, see prepare and be ready to fight? You tell me what you would do. This talk stuff works against the Jets, it doesn’t help them in the long run.”