Next-Level stats for Patriots-Jets

Brady adjusts to Jets’ blitz

NEXT-LEVEL: In Week 2 Tom Brady was 10-of-18 with an interception against the Jets’ secondary blitz, but in Week 13, Brady went 7-of-10 with two touchdowns. Brady completed 50 percent of his attempts in 2009 when the Jets rushed a member of the secondary with no touchdowns and one interception.

Will Rex Ryan change his ways again?

NEXT-LEVEL: The Jets are coming off of their lowest DB blitz total of the season, sending a member of the secondary on just 14.8 percent of Peyton Manning’s dropbacks. In the 2009 AFC Championship Game against the Colts, Ryan and the Jets blitzed a defensive back on 58.5 percent of Manning’s dropbacks. Last week’s wild card game was only the third time this season and fifth time in Ryan’s stint with the Jets that they didn’t blitz a defensive back on 20 percent of an opponent’s dropbacks.

Brady loves his tight ends

NEXT-LEVEL: Tom Brady has benefited greatly from his two rookie tight ends this season. When Brady throws to Rob Gronkowski, he has the highest passer rating in the league when targeting a single receiver. When Brady targets Aaron Hernandez, the duo accounts for the fifth highest passer rating.

Sanchez likely to see standard pass rush

NEXT-LEVEL: Mark Sanchez is likely to see a lot of four or fewer pass rushes against the Patriots in the Divisional Playoffs. Sanchez went 13-of-16 with two touchdowns when the Patriots rushed five or more this season, and in Week 13, Sanchez couldn’t navigate the Patriots’ standard rush the way he did in Week 2.

Jets’ running game should look right vs Patriots

NEXT-LEVEL: Of LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene’s 49 rush attempts against the Patriots this season, 26 came up the middle. Both found moderate success up the middle, but the right side is where the tandem picked up big chunks of yards. Tomlinson and Greene combined for five first downs on 14 rushes to the right against the Patriots, just as many firsts as they got up the middle.