Highlighting Welker vs. Revis matchup

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – When the Patriots faced the Jets in early September, the one-on-one matchup between Randy Moss and Darrelle Revis was a big pre-game storyline.

By the time the teams met again Dec. 6, the question was how Moss’ absence would change the Jets’ approach with Revis. Turns out the Jets most often put him on Wes Welker.

“I don’t really know a number, but it was quite a bit, especially any time they did any kind of man coverages,” Welker said Thursday. “You have to be ready for everything, study film on everybody and make sure you’re definitely ready for him.”

Revis blanketed Colts receiver Reggie Wayne in Saturday’s wild-card round win, with Wayne held to one catch for one yard.

“You have to bring it every play, because he’s a great player. He has great feet, moves around real well,” Welker said. “He’s very patient. He understands the game. He gets his hands on you pretty well and understands what you’re trying to do to him. He’s definitely a tough guy to set up and get open against.”

Welker finished with seven receptions for 70 yards and one touchdown on Dec. 6. A significant amount of his production came against zone coverage.