Suggs pokes at Brady ... again

On an interview with "SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio” today, Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs once again took aim at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Here is a transcript of his remarks (from Sirius):

Host/Steve Phillips: “How do you look at Ben Roethlisberger? We hear a lot about Peyton Manning, a lot about Tom Brady and the numbers that those guys put up. Roethlisberger’s been one of those kinda blue collar, tough quarterbacks and you guys have had some great matchups with them. From your perspective, how do you compare Roethlisberger to some of the other QBs in the NFL?”

Terrell Suggs: “Well, if you ask me he’s definitely up there with them. Because he has the hardware to prove it and that’s all that matters in this league, is Super Bowls. And he’s won two of them. If I’m correct Manning’s only won one, both Mannings that is, and Phillip Rivers doesn’t have any, and Tom Brady has three, I think, a questionable three. This guy won the Super Bowl, I believe, in his second year in the league and I’m not sure if that’s ever been done before. If it has, it’s been very rare.”

Phillips: “Now, what do you mean ‘a questionable three’ for Tom Brady? What do you mean by that?”

Suggs: “Oh, you know, you’ve got the tuck rule incident and then you’ve got the videotaping of the other team’s practices. It’s just like, okay, what’s going on here? You know? But, hey, it is what it is. They won the games no matter how you did it. But, um, it’s whatever.”

Host/Jeff Rickard: “Terrell, how come you and Tom Brady like each other so much?”

Suggs: “I love Tommy. (laughter) I don’t know, I don’t know. I guess it all brewed from when I nicked his knee, I guess, a little bit. I was just, wow, you almost hit a guy and you get flagged? Kind of blew me away. I never knew one man could have so much power. I guess I stand corrected.”

Phillips: “But what is it about Brady that brings that reaction out in people? Antonio Cromartie has had things to say. Obviously, Rex Ryan has had things to say. You’ve had your own issues with Brady. Does he actually point to the sideline, to the opposition, when his team scores? What is it that kind of provokes that kind of a strong emotional response from the opposition?”

Suggs: “Uh, I don’t know. I don’t know. Maybe because he is Tom Brady and he dates supermodels. That can have a lot to do with it, like, dang, this guy’s got the world, he’s winning Super Bowls and dating supermodels. It don’t get much better than that. And he gets, you know, rules made for him. He gets to tell the referee when to throw the flag. That’s a hen in a handbasket [sic] right there.”

Rickard: “While we’re talking about quarterbacks, talk to me about Joe Flacco. He’s kind of like the anti-Brady. He’s the lunch pail guy, right?”

Suggs: “Definitely. He’s cool. He don’t say anything. He has no interest in being GQ Man of the Year. So he’s just going to come to work, get the job done, you know? He’s Joe Cool. That’s why you got the difference between the two.”