Mangini's insight on Belichick, Brady

In the video above, former Jets coach and one-time Bill Belichick assistant Eric Mangini gives some insight into how Belichick prepares his team and what defenses need to do to have a chance to stop Tom Brady.

“The thing that Bill does better than anyone I’ve seen is he’s able to get the game down to some key points: What you have to do to win the game. Typically, three on offense, three on defense and three on special teams,” explained Mangini, whose Browns team beat the Patriots in Week 9 and nearly upset the Jets as well. “These points, the game plan will be built around them. Everybody understands what each phase has to do and there’s a focus and a certainty of what has to be accomplished. In my mind, he does the best job of anyone I’ve seen.”

Mangini also had some advice for Rex Ryan on the poker game of trying to fool Brady.

“Defensively, you don’t want to give [Brady] pre-snap information,” Mangini says. “If he knows what it is, the ball’s going to go. You’ve got to constantly be disguising and everybody’s gotta do it.

“It’s a lot like Texas Hold ‘Em: Nobody can be the tell, nobody can give away what they’re in [on defense]. If he knows what it is, he’s going to be able to get the ball to the right place. He’ll do a lot of things to gather information; he makes it hard for you to hold your information and not give it away to him. If he does have it, you’re going to have problems. ... The more he makes post-snap reads [as opposed to pre-snap] the better off you are.”

His prediction for Sunday?

“[Foxborough] is a tough place to play. Tom’s so effective there. There are a lot of things that the Jets are going to have to do well to win the game but I think they’re capable of doing it.”