Eye on the Senior Bowl: Day 1 wrap

ESPN’s Todd McShay and the folks from Scouts Inc. were out in force on Day 1 of the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. Here is a roundup of our coverage:

* Senior Bowl spotlight on Herzlich (Insider): Our crew had the following observations on BC linebacker Mark Herzich on Monday:

“Herzlich measured in at 6-3½ and 250 pounds. He could have been better defined but he carried the weight well and didn't look soft. When he's on the field, he does things you love to see like being the first guy in line for a drill and his motor is always running. He is a big kid with long strides and can cover a lot of ground. He shows good range. During team period, he made a great read, shot the gap before an offensive lineman could put a body on him and wrapped up Maryland RB Da'Rel Scott in the backfield.

“But it's also clear why his stock has dropped. He doesn't have the closing burst he showed prior to his battle with bone cancer, he's not getting to as many balls as he used to and a glaring issue is his stiffness in space. He really struggled to open it up in zone coverage and it wasn't just one play; he was consistently struggling. He also struggled in man coverage, including one play where he tried to stay with Nebraska TE Mike McNeill but Herzlich stumbled coming out of his break and had to grab on to McNeill to keep him from being open. He obviously won't get away with that in the NFL.

“It's impossible not to root for Herzlich with all he's been through, but you can't ignore what you're seeing. Right now, he's a Day 3 pick, but he's also played like a first-rounder in the past. It's going to be a tough decision for any team and a lot will come down to the medical reports and a team's belief whether or not he will regain that first-round form.”

* The buzz on Day 1: McShay explains why the weigh-in can be such a valuable scouting tool, and picks Boston College offensive lineman Anthony Castonzo and Colorado O-lineman Nate Solder as two players that stood out at Monday’s weigh-in:

“Colorado's Nate Solder and Boston College's Anthony Castonzo both looked good and have similar builds. Castonzo came in at 6-7⅛ and 305 pounds while Solder was 6-8¼ and 314 pounds. Both had good builds, carried their weight well and were well-proportioned. They were very long and had very little fat for being over 300 pounds.”

In putting the spotlight on the offensive line position, McShay observes that Canstonzo started slow and has some ground to make up.

* Day 1 practice blog (Insider): A quick-hit look at who played well and who struggled on Day 1.

* McShay's Day 1 video wrapup: