Did Pats get bang for the buck?

ESPN.com "Page 2" columnist Patrick Hruby examines which NFL teams received the most bang for the buck in 2010, and explains the formula utilized to produce the results.

"We're comparing teams by a simple, bottom-line metric: Player payroll dollars spent per regular-season victory," Hruby writes. "Using the most recent and accurate salary figures available, we're also examining which clubs have been penny-wise and which have been pound-foolish."

Hruby ranks the Patriots fourth in the NFL -- their $152.73 million was the second highest in the league and the team produced 14 regular-season wins.

Writes Hruby: "Under Bill Belichick, the Patriots have consistently: (A) pursued budget free agents; (B) traded players in their peak earning years; (C) gotten production out of young players such as rookie tight end Rob Gronkowski; (D) moved back in the draft to make said young players even more affordable."