Pats & Senior Bowl: Cameron Jordan

Every day from Senior Bowl practices this week, New England native Steve Muench of ESPN's Scouts Inc. will highlight one player who catches his eye from a Patriots perspective.

On Wednesday, it is California defensive end Cameron Jordan, who ranks 15th on the Scouts Inc. board:

"Some think he fits best at left defensive end in a four-man front. I also think he'd fit well as a defensive end in the 3-4. He has been very consistent over the first three days of practices.

"One of his greatest strengths is his hands. He has very active hands, very strong hands, and that makes it really hard for an offensive lineman to stick on the block. One of the things that separates the good defensive linemen from the great ones is the ability to counter when they don't win with their first move, and he does an excellent job countering when he doesn't win with his first move. He's relentless, too. You'll see him chasing running backs 40 yards down the field.

"Watching Jordan this week, one part that stood out was when he was going against Indiana offensive tackle James Brewer. At one point, he used not one swim move, but two swim moves, and ran right around Brewer before Brewer could get his hands on him.

"For the Patriots in their 3-4 defense, when you think of that 5-technique defensive end, you traditionally think of those players as mountains -- tough and stout -- which Jordan can be. But he also moves well for a guy with his size and build. So I see him as lining up at the 5-technique, stopping the run, and then staying on the field on third down and still getting to the quarterback from the tackle spot. The other part is that everything you hear about him is that he's a great, great kid in terms of character."