Belichick's Pats tenure endures

With the Titans and head coach Jeff Fisher parting ways Thursday, it vaults Bill Belichick into the No. 2 spot as the second-longest tenured head coach with the same team.

Andy Reid, who was hired by the Eagles in 1999, is the only current head coach who has been with his team longer.

Thursday marked the 11-year anniversary of Robert Kraft's decision to hire Belichick. It's a run that Belichick has said he appreciates because he knows how quickly things can change in the NFL.

"It's gone fast," he told reporters Thursday in Hawaii. "I appreciate the opportunity that Mr. Kraft and his family gave me. I hope we continue doing it for a while. I know they've entrusted a lot in me and I'm proud to be part of that organization and I'm proud of what we've accomplished."

With that in mind, here are a few numbers that highlight the length of Belichick's tenure:

72 -- The number of head coaching changes in the NFL since Belichick was hired (35 in the AFC, 37 in the NFC)

10 -- The number of head coaching changes in the AFC East since Belichick was hired

6 -- The number of Raiders head coaching changes since Belichick was hired

4 -- The number of his offensive/defensive coordinators who have been hired as head coaches in the NFL or college

2 -- The number of his personnel staffers now running their own NFL teams

NOTES: Interim coaches were not accounted for in the total of 72 head coaching changes. ... The total of 72 did not account for any changes that might have been made in the days following Belichick's hire -- the count started following the 2000 season, Belichick's first in New England. ... The Titans change with Jeff Fisher is accounted for in the total. ... The Texans came into existence in 2002, so they accounted for just one change -- Gary Kubiak replacing Dom Capers. ... The Raiders had a high of six changes, followed by the Redskins (5) and then five teams with four changes (Bills, Browns, Lions, Falcons, 49ers).