Forte's insight on the Patriots

DALLAS -- Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is making the rounds on "Radio Row" and he took a few minutes to chat. The main questions centered around how the Bears viewed the Patriots' defense entering the teams' game Dec. 12.

I was mostly curious if the Bears -- who were crushed 36-7 that day -- feared anything in particular about the Patriots' defense. Nothing in particular stood out to Forte.

"Basically what I saw is that their offense helps out their defense," Forte said. "It's a team, as a whole, that doesn't make a lot of mistakes. When you have a team like that, and you commit a turnover against them, you can get behind fast. That can be a tough team to beat."

When asked specifically which players stood out to him on defense, Forte started with nose tackle Vince Wilfork ("the big guy in the middle") and linebacker Jerod Mayo ("a big linebacker who can run").

Forte is here with teammate Lance Briggs and Dallas Cowboys Felix Jones and Tashard Choice as part of a Visa promotion that reinforces the importance of learning how to manage money at an early age.