Gronkowski puts family on NFL map

FORT WORTH, Texas -- What happens when you turn in an impressive rookie season with 42 receptions and 10 touchdowns?

For Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, it’s put him on the NFL radar. That’s why he’s here for Super Bowl festivities alongside stars like Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Gronkowski, his brother Chris, and Fitzgerald are taking part of the “Target School Library Makeover” program. On Friday, they will attend a local elementary school for the unveiling of a renovated library.

“He put our family on the map,” Chris Gronkowski said this morning before an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” program (check out the video at the bottom of the page).

Gronkowski’s solid rookie campaign, coupled with his spirited reaction on draft day when the Patriots selected him 42nd overall and having two brothers also playing in the NFL, have increased the family’s visibility.

Gronkowski has spent the last few weeks visiting family members, but his plans call for him to return to Foxborough, which he hopes will be permanent.

“We’ll see what happens with the lockout. Obviously we’re hoping there isn’t one. If there isn’t a lockout, I’ll be up in New England for the offseason program,” he said.

If players are locked out, Gronkowski figures he’ll probably head to Florida to train at the facility that helped him prepare for the NFL combine last year.