Holt: Patriots need another receiver

DALLAS -- Veteran receiver Torry Holt, who was with the Patriots in training camp before being released with an injury settlement because of a knee ailment, believes the team is one receiver short.

Holt felt the weakness showed up in the Patriots' playoff loss to the Jets.

"That was me, and I strongly feel that way, but unfortunately my wheels gave out," said Holt, who is working as an analyst for NFL Network here at the Super Bowl.

"When I watched that game, and looked at how the Jets attacked their receivers, they were missing someone else who could get open and possess the football, keep things rolling offensively. I feel like they need a couple more guys, outside of Wes [Welker] and Deion [Branch], that can constantly get open, put pressure on defenses, and give Tom another option."

Holt predicts that the Patriots will address the need in free agency or the draft.

He was asked if the Patriots might have that option on the roster in Brandon Tate, Julian Edelman or Taylor Price -- the 3, 4, and 5 receivers who could potentially emerge with another year of growth.

"I think Price has the ability, the physical attributes, to help them. Mentally he has to continue to come along in terms of learning the system and believing that he can win, in terms of believing that he belongs in the National Football League.

"Brandon Tate, I think he is a speed guy. We all saw that he can stretch the field. More playing experience will help him in terms of slowing down and understanding the game and knowing where to be, being that much more reliable for Tom. I think that will come.

"Julian, the same thing. He is a tough, feisty guy who you can put in the slot and he will block and make the tough grab and run reverses. He is kind of a guy you can do multiple things with.

"But in terms of a true, true receiver, I think they need one more."