What's next for Patriots coverage?

The 2010 NFL season was capped off with a super Super Bowl, and now the question is: What's next?

The plan here is to focus heavily on the NFL Draft, which is scheduled for April 28-30. As Patriots coach Bill Belichick said the day following the team's playoff loss to the Jets, there is plenty of uncertainty with the NFL's labor situation but one thing teams know for sure is that there will be a draft.

A trip is booked for the NFL combine in Indianapolis later this month (Feb. 24-27).

There is also an owners meeting, which is usually attended by every NFL head coach, scheduled for March in New Orleans.

So from a coverage standpoint, things will still be active in this space through the end of April. By that point, here's hoping the owners and players have reached a new collective bargaining agreement.

And while those are scheduled events, there still will be news to cover and analyze. Today, for example, is the first day that NFL teams can release players who are under contract for 2011.

Thanks to everyone for following along during the season. It was a good one.

Let's make 2011 even better.