Gronkowski analyzes Eli Manning

In his visit to NFL Network on Wednesday, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was part of a few different segments on "Total Access." In one of those segments now posted on NFL.com, Gronkowski was put in the analysts' chair, asked to assess Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

"He's definitely an elite quarterback," Gronkowski said. "But, I mean, he's not at the very top of it. He ain't no Tom Brady, I'll tell you that."

That had those on the set laughing, with Gronkowski adding that he had to give Manning credit for having his team in position to earn a playoff berth on a yearly basis.

In a lighter moment at the start of the segment, Gronkowski touched on life as a Patriot after it was mentioned that his 10 touchdown receptions were the most by a rookie in franchise history. He was unaware of the record until after the year, because those type of things aren't brought up around the facility.

"Usually the better you're doing, the worse you feel like," he said, laughing.