A feel for the 159th draft pick

Now that compensatory draft choices have been awarded by the NFL, the exact spots of each Patriots draft pick is known. Prior to Friday, only the spots in the first, second and third round were solidified.

1a. 17th overall

1b. 28th overall

2a. 33rd overall

2b. 60th overall

3a. 74th overall

3b. 92nd overall

4. 125th overall

5. 159th overall

6. 193rd overall

A look at some of the recent players picked in those spots will be highlighted. On Saturday, the 193 spot was in focus. Today, it's 159.

2010: WR Riley Cooper (Eagles)

2009: OT Fenuki Tupou (Eagles)

2008: CB Trae Williams (Jaguars)

2007: CB C.J. Gaddis (Eagles)

2006: DE Mark Anderson (Bears)

2005: DE Jeb Huckeba (Seahawks)

2004: OT Sean Bubin (Jaguars)

ANALYSIS: Mark Anderson was a surprise rookie performer in '06, totaling 12 sacks in the Bears' 4-3 system. The Patriots would be doing well to receive that type of production from this year's 159th pick, assuming they keep it. Elsewhere, Riley Cooper played in 10 games last season for the Eagles and is a developmental type at receiver (6 catches in 2010). Otherwise, this spot hasn't produced much impact in recent years.