Previewing the 'Brady 6' documentary

After previewing ESPN's "Brady 6" documentary that will air Tuesday, April 12 (8 p.m. ET), the lasting impression was how Patriots quarterback Tom Brady remains deeply affected by his draft-day snub.

Brady is 33 years old, entering his 12th NFL season, and much has happened since he slipped to the 199th overall selection in the 2000 draft. Most of it is good.

But he still lives with "199" each day, as evidenced by what I felt was the highlight of the documentary, when Brady was challenged to compose himself when reflecting on what draft day was like as he watched at home with his parents. It was goosebumps type of stuff.

While Brady is the centerpiece of the hour-long documentary, which also recaps his college days at Michigan and quarterback battle with Drew Henson, the careers and lives of the six quarterbacks selected before him in 2000 are also highlighted. They are the "Brady 6."

Chad Pennington (18, Jets) ... Giovanni Carmazzi (65, 49ers) ... Chris Redman (75, Ravens) ... Tee Martin (163, Steelers) ... Marc Bulger (168, Saints) ... Spergon Wynn (183, Browns).

There are some notable moments in which the careers of those quarterbacks intersected with Brady's, and those are captured. For example, the Patriots played the 49ers in the 2000 preseason Hall of Fame game. On that day, Giovanni Carmazzi struggled while Brady shined -- and their careers headed in opposite directions.

"I think we walked out of that game feeling that we probably had taken the right guy," Bill Belichick says in the documentary.

More to come on the "Brady 6" in the coming days, but for Patriots and football fans, this is a mark-your-calendar and set-your-DVR-now production.