More draft insight from Bill Belichick

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was interviewed by Stacey Dales of NFL Network and the clip is now posted on NFL.com.

A few nuggets that stood out from this perspective:

Drafting for need vs. best player available. Belichick discussed the dangers in reaching for need, pointing out that it doesn't make sense to do so because if the player doesn't pan out, the team would be back in the same position next year. "If it happens to be at a position we'd like, great, but as long as long as it's a good player that will be the type of person and player we want in our program, then I think we'll be happy with that pick," he said.

Assessing the sweet spots of the draft. Belichick touched on some of the strengths of this draft in his view. "Player-wise, this year, there is certainly a lot of depth in certain positions. Obviously the defensive line, offensive line, receivers. Then as you look at the entire group, there is a lot of depth in the running back and defensive back positions -- maybe not right up at the top but certainly it looks like there are a lot of players there who will be big contributors at some point." Belichick also repeated his belief that there will be a lot of defensive lineman selected early and the teams that evaluate that area best will, in time, probably be the ones who do the best in the draft.

Youth on the roster won't affect much. Belichick was asked about having so much youth on the roster, and if it will impact his approach in the draft. "I don't think it really affects us too much," he responded. "I think we still go back to our core philosophy of trying to find the best players we can for our football team, and let them compete with the guys that are here, and we'll see how all that plays out. Whether that's new players coming on to the team or players on the team raising their level of play. If it makes the team better, that's what it's all about."