Video: McShay's take on Pats pick Solder

In the video above, ESPN draft guru Todd McShay breaks down the Patriots picking offensive lineman Nate Solder at No. 17 in the draft:

“The New England Patriots did not make a move up and try to get the defensive end Cameron Jordan. And they do not take Jordan when he is sitting there available to them at No. 17. Instead, they go after an offensive tackle.

“I think the other surprise there is they did not take Anthony Castonzo, a very safe pick coming out of Boston College. They went after the guy with the highest ceiling I believe of all the offensive tackles in Colorado’s Nate Solder.

“Why does he have great upside? His frame and his athleticism -- that combination. He’s 6-foot-8, 317 pounds and he moves like a tight end. He actually played tight end earlier in his career. He’s bulked up 90 pounds since he got to Colorado as a freshman.

“As he grows into his body and improves his technique he has a chance to be a great starting left tackle. Matt Light may not be back at left tackle for the Patriots so they may have to get him ready right away. If they do, I think Nate Solder has a chance to be a great starter in the NFL for the next decade.”