Gronk and Co. support Boston's pro teams

Rob Gronkowski grew up in Buffalo and later attended the University of Arizona, but it hasn't taken him long to become a Boston sports fan. He's already hooked since arriving in town as a second-round pick last year, and that's why he attended Game 4 of the Celtics-Heat playoff series Monday night.

"The atmosphere was off the charts. It was insane,” Gronkowski said Tuesday night.

It's no surprise that the 6-foot-6 Gronkowski, who also has been fired up about the Bruins, has taken a liking to big defenseman Zdeno Chara.

"Chara is just knocking people out!!!!," Gronkowski tweeted as the Bruins finished off a sweep of the Flyers.

For Gronkowski, the chance to support the Celtics and Bruins aligns him with a group of people he's quickly come to appreciate in New England -- the fans.

“The fans are all great; it’s crazy here. They support you no matter what," he said. "It’s a lot of fun going to every game, watching them. It gets another feeling out of you, going to a game, getting excited for another team. It’s cool.”

Gronkowski isn't the only Patriot to get swept up in Boston's playoff fever with the Celtics and Bruins. Count cornerback Leigh Bodden among the group as well.

Bodden, on Twitter, was already thinking ahead to how disappointed he'll be if the Celtics lose to the Heat in Game 5.