A few observations from Pats' workout

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. -- A few observations from ESPNBoston.com's Mike Reiss on Day 2 of the Patriots' informal workouts at Boston College.

* Overall impression of workout: Impressed with level of organization. Looked like an organized team activity. One example is seeing Tom Brady run the hurry-up offense. Saw 11 on 11 work, 7 on 7 work.

* Had the thought that this helps keep players' minds sharp. Call a play, line up correctly, etc. Tom Brady actually lined up at WR at one point.

* Patriots huddle up at the end of the workout. "1-2-3 team" as they break for second day of Brady-led workouts. Finishing up with stretching and jogging.

* Kevin Faulk, a free agent, went through the workout. Looks to be recovering well from ACL surgery.

* Saw a Ryan Mallett-to-Matthew Slater bomb -- 65 yards.

Also, one programming note: Due to the Pats' workout, Mike Reiss' usual noon chat has been pushed to 12:30. Hope to see you then.