Poll: Considering Faulk's future

Running back Kevin Faulk shared thoughts on his future today, saying, "I'm a free agent, but I'm a Patriot for life."

Faulk has played for one team in his career (1999-present), which is something he's especially proud of. Some have asked whether he will play for the team in 2011, or if this is the end of a great New England run.

The Patriots have BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead returning atop the depth chart, and selected Shane Vereen (second round) and Stevan Ridley (third round) in the draft. Thomas Clayton, who the Patriots claimed on waivers last season, is also in the mix.

With the possibility of the Patriots keeping four tight ends (Alge Crumpler, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Lee Smith), it could put the squeeze on another spot on the roster, such as running back. If the Patriots keep five running backs, Faulk could be on the roster. If it's just four, it could put his spot in jeopardy if every back is healthy.

What would you do if you were making decisions for the Patriots?

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