Taking stock of Kiper's Pats audit

As part of an ongoing series, ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper is conducting "summer audits" of each division in the NFL. He started with the AFC East (Insider content) and looked at three areas:

1. Help added

2. Questions that remain

3. Next year's help, now

A few of the quick-hit thoughts from Kiper:

Nate Solder pick. "Solder could struggle early, because his play hasn't lived up to his skill set, but he's smart and athletic enough to be a blindside protector at this level, and it's a good priority to target."

Assessing draft approach. "For a team coming off a 14-2 record, I was a little surprised New England didn't have a greater sense of immediacy. ... I do think they'll get more out of a defense that played a lot of youth in 2010, but it seems clear they'll need to find some sacks in free agency."

Keep an eye on Nebraska's Jared Crick. "Crick could have come out for the 2011 draft, but the J.J. Watt of next year's draft should be coveted by 3-4 teams looking for help at defensive end."