What Belichick likes about Mankins

Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins ranks No. 39 on the NFL Network Top 100 players poll, as voted by players.

Bill Belichick was Mankins’ presenter on Sunday night’s show. Some of the Belichick soundbites on Mankins from the NFL Network broadcast:

1. “There are tough players and then there are the super tough guys. I’d say Mankins would go into that [second] category. Both physically and mentally, he’s as tough as they come.”

2. “You could honestly pick out any one of 30 plays of him in any game and find him really dominating guys.”

3. “He played left tackle at Fresno State. He made the move inside right away and became an immediate starter for us from the first preseason game, the first year he’s out there. He’s been our most durable and consistent performer on the offensive line for several years.”

4. “With a quarterback like Tom Brady, who needs to step up into the pocket, who likes to step up into the pocket, there has to be somewhere to step up into. Logan does a great job of that, of staying firm on the line of scrimmage and not getting driven back, so that Tom can step up and avoid the rush and make the throw. That’s a big part of the passing game. That’s a big part of Tom’s passing game. Logan is a big part of that.”

5. "I think Logan is really a force in the running game because he's able to play with great leverage and power, and get movement. A lot of plays that run to our left side, you see him getting push at the line of scrimmage and creating seams for the back. He's also a very good puller, and a lot of plays to the right, he ends up pulling around and leading the runner through the hole. A lot of times Logan is at the point of attack in the running game regardless of where the play is called."

6. "I think guard is really a tough position to play. It's a very challenging position, but Logan has the skill set and the mentality and toughness to do it on a play after play, down after down, week after week basis."