Tedy Bruschi's Patriots media rules

ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi had some fun on Friday's "NFL Live" show, working alongside NFL Insider Adam Schefter in a "Football 101" segment on player and media relations.

"We had Coach Belichick, so he really wanted us to keep a lot of things close to the vest," Bruschi said on the show. "It was the interpretation of veterans on what Coach Belichick wanted through that media [so] I formed my own 'Patriots Rules for Media Engagement.'"

Bruschi then broke down those rules on NFL Live:

1. Speak for yourself. "That's something Coach Belichick always said -- 'Don't worry about anyone else's situation, on another team or your team, always think about your job, doing your job, and commenting on that."

2. Never talk about injuries. "Never let them know if you're hurt or not hurt."

3. Pour on the perfume. "This is compliments. You want to spray that perfume on your opponent on Wednesday all the way through Saturday, and then get the job done on Sunday."

4. Fall back on cliches. "When in doubt, use the old safe cliche. You love those -- '100 percent', 'one day at a time.'"

Bruschi then added a new category which has come into play since he retired -- Twitter. He wrote the number 140 on the chalkboard and then said: "That's how many characters you get on Twitter. Be careful what you tweet, because once it's out there, it's out there."