Poll: Best safety on the Patriots

The offseason is the time media members often focus on rankings and lists, with analysts taking stock of the NFL. Sometimes players are involved, too.

Brandon Meriweather's name has surfaced in a variety of spots, and it has produced some healthy debate among Patriots followers.

Meriweather ranked tied for seventh in USA Today's safeties ranking. Meanwhile, veteran safety Darren Sharper ranked him sixth. In ESPN.com's "power ranking" series, Meriweather was slotted eighth.

Earning two Pro Bowl appearances in his first four seasons has helped Meriweather in the eyes of these "power rankers", although some make the case that Meriweather wasn't always the best safety on the Patriots' roster on a week-to-week basis in 2010, pointing to last year's Bears win when he played only in the dime defense.

Meriweather played more than any Patriots safety last season, and has not missed a game since the club drafted him in the first round in 2007. He has 12 career interceptions.

The Patriots also have third-year man Patrick Chung at the position, along with seven-year veteran James Sanders and six-year veteran Jarrad Page. Those four comprise the top of the depth chart, with Sergio Brown, Bret Lockett, Josh Barrett and Ross Ventrone rounding it out.

Based on what you've seen in recent years, who is the best safety currently on the Patriots' roster?

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