High praise from Bruschi for Mayo

NORTON, Mass. -- Former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi is holding his eighth annual Spaulding Rehabilitation golf tournament today at TPC-Boston.

Bruschi thanked a group of reporters for attending, then answered questions on his involvement in the tournament; memories of Ty Law as Law will be honored at "The Tradition" on Tuesday night; and current Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo.

Bruschi, now an ESPN analyst whose work appears on ESPNBoston.com, gave high praise to Mayo.

"He's done things in his short career with the Patriots that I wasn't able to do until my eighth or ninth year," he said. "That's how far along he is.

"I truly see him being the best linebacker in the game within two years. I think that's how good he is.

"I know that's me being a former player of the New England Patriots, and a former teammate, but I think I pride myself on the ability to evaluate certain players. What he does, and what they are able to do with him, no matter what defensive scheme they run, that's very difficult to do in that system.

"The day that he came into New England, I knew 'This guy is next in line.'"