Woodhead on Sports Business Radio

Patriots running back Danny Woodhead was a guest on "Sports Business Radio" with Brian Berger this week, and audio of the interview can be heard here.

Some of the football-specific topics discussed included Woodhead's approach this offseason, getting together with Tom Brady and his teammates for informal workouts, and the potential for more injuries because of the lockout.

But the purpose of Woodhead's appearance was to talk about his new marketing deal with Sketchers.

From a sports business standpoint, Woodhead's rise from Division II college running back to primary Patriots contributor has put him on the radar for companies looking for an underdog who has overcome the odds. Sketchers inked him to a two-year deal to promote running and training shoes.

"It's a great fit for me because of the product," Woodhead says in the interview. "I don't want to just endorse a product that isn't going to be something I wear or something that helps me. ... It's something that fits for me because the product is great but also because the people at Sketchers, and the Sketchers family, it's kind of the same story as me. People don't expect a ton, maybe with these athletic shoes, and nobody is really expecting anything of me either. So it's kind of a great fit."