Players swept up in World Cup ride

The U.S. women's soccer team lost to Japan in the World Cup final on Sunday, and the epic game had Patriots players riding the emotional roller-coaster with other fans.

A sampling of their thoughts, from Twitter:

Darius Butler -- "GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!! (I'm a lazy announcer)"

Tony Carter -- "Never thought I would be this excited about soccer ... Abby [Wambach] has a good head on her shoulders ! Lol. ... I don't believe this mess!"

Ras-I Dowling -- "I'm proud of the USA women soccer team."

Julian Edelman -- "Let's get this USA ... Nooooooooooo ... Pk's ooooooo myy, the stress of being American!!! Well #gopats ... Congrats to Japan. And to the US women's team, you did great, and we Americans know y'all will be back."

Rob Gronkowski -- "Go USA today!! @alexmorgan13 is my crush!! Ahhh I'm like a little kid getting hyped for da game today!"

Brian Hoyer -- "Here we go! #USA #USWNT ... Wow what a pass and finish! #USA"

Ryan Mallett -- "On the road again. Keep me updated on the game please. # USA"

Devin McCourty -- "USA what time is it?? Its time to get LIVE its time to REPRESENT."

Stevan Ridley -- "Our ladies are playing for keeps! I like!! Let's go USA!!"

Fred Taylor -- "Good try #TEAMUSA, played your [butts] off. Congrats to team Japan, you guys earned it."

Shane Vereen -- "Serious respect to the USA womens team!! Gotta tip the hat to Japan tho.. WOW!"