Saturday: Kraft helped save football

After months of owners and players being at odds, there was a powerful scene that unfolded today in Washington, DC as the sides announced a 10-year collective bargaining agreement.

Colts center Jeff Saturday, a member of the executive committee, gave a warm embrace to Robert Kraft after speaking about his role in the process and the death of his wife, Myra.

"A special thanks to Myra Kraft, who even in her weakest moment allowed Mr. Kraft to come and fight this out," Saturday said at the news conference, while looking in the eyes of Robert Kraft to his right. "And without him, this deal does not get done. I don't want to be climatic in any way, but he is a man who helped us save football and we're so gracious for that, we're gracious for his family and for the opportunity he presented to get this deal done. So thank you very much, we really appreciate it."

At that moment, Saturday put his right arm around Kraft and brought him close for a meaningful embrace, with Kraft's head tucked into Saturday's chest.

Kraft was heard saying to Saturday, "It means a lot."