Quick hits from Bill Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A few quick hits from Bill Belichick's news conference on Tuesday:

Kevin Faulk's return to the team. Asked about Faulk's role and time with the team, Belichick said, "I think the world of Kevin Faulk. He's been a very productive player for us. He's the ultimate team player. He takes great pride and professionalism in his job, and he's a great example for all of us in terms of being a professional, team-oriented, and putting himself secondary to the team goals. He sets a great example and doing everything he can to help the team win. I don't know how you could get a better example than that. He's along the lines of Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison and many other players we've had like that. He's at the top of that list."

First impressions of Haynesworth. Belichick was asked what thought of Haynesworth's first practice with the team Sunday. "Albert, he's worked hard. It's coming. We have a long way to go. Just take it day by day. I think he's doing fine."

Day off came at good time. With players off Monday, it cleared some important time for coaches. "It definitely gave us a chance to kind of get re-organized and take stock of what's happened in the past week, and get a better plan going forward for some of the changes and the type of training camp we're running. We've seen our players, most of them, and have some sense of where they're at, and kind of where things are going."