Kraft on Mankins, Haynesworth & more

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Here are some of the football specific soundbites from Robert Kraft's meeting with reporters this afternoon:

On if he's confident of a long-term deal with Mankins by Sept. 20. "If I have a vote, it will get done. But the other side has to want it too. It's our desire and always has been our desire. Like I've tried to explain to you, you can't sign everyone you want, so you need to plan and I think we did our planning knowing the kind of environment we were coming into it. We tried to position ourselves so we had our core veterans and we could continue to sign the people we want to sign. We think that Logan is among the best there is at the position. We drafted him and we want him here."

On what Chad Ochocinco can bring to the team. "First of all, I think you have to love the guy. I have people e-mailing me who would like to host him. I'm not sure I want the responsibility. Someone prominent here in Foxborough has offered to be his host. Probably, it will remain unsaid. If he winds up with that person, then I'll confirm it. We don't want any losers here. We have a lot of great people who have come in. I just saw Gerard Warren and Shaun Ellis and Albert and Andre Carter. We have some great young men who have come in here and are part of this system. I'm really excited about the season being back and getting going here."

On grappling with Haynesworth's addition because of off-field issues. "I've learned in life and in business that people sometimes have different agendas. I met with him and I like the guy. So I take people ... he didn't come here for the money. He came here to be part of a team and win [and] I think in some ways improve his reputation. So it's like a lot of meetings I have with these guys, I found him to be genuine and sincere. Now I hope he gets out on the field and does his thing."