Focusing on unusual safety rotation

DETROIT -- The way coaches are rotating players at safety reflects that they are searching for the right combination. Here is how the pairings went in Saturday's preseason loss to the Lions:

1. Sanders/Meriweather

2. Sanders/Meriweather

3. Sanders/Meriweather

4. Chung/Brown

5. Chung/Brown

6. Chung/Ihedigbo

7. Chung/Ihedigbo


8. Chung/Brown

9. Brown/Ihedigbo

10. Chung/Brown

11. Brown/Ihedigbo

12. Brown/Ihedigbo

ANALYSIS: Seven-year veteran James Sanders was inserted right into the mix after he missed the first two preseason games. He's a steadying presence in the secondary and his early playing time, from this perspective, is a sign that the coaches view his knowledge of the system, communication skills and consistency as something the back end of the defense needs more of right now. One might have thought he would replace Meriweather based on the feeling that coaches have been attempting to light a fire under him. Instead, it was Chung.