Stats in focus: How Brady, Pats did it

A look inside the numbers from the Patriots' 38-24 victory over the Dolphins ...

Brady at his best

NEXT LEVEL: Last year Tom Brady led the NFL with 2,227 yards in a 2+ TE formation. On Monday night, Brady’s 416 yards in such formations was nearly 20 percent of that total yardage from a season ago and he maintained an almost identical completion percentage.

Brady goes long

NEXT LEVEL: Brady was 10 of 17 for 310 yards on throws that traveled more than 10 yards in the air Monday night; his most attempts of that distance in a single game dating back to 2008.

Brady to Welker reaches new heights

NEXT LEVEL: Tom Brady targeted Wes Welker on throws of at least 15 yards four times Monday night, including Welker’s 99-yard touchdown catch. Last season, Brady targeted Welker on throws of that length just eight times all season and never twice in one game.

Brady steps up after loss of Koppen

NEXT LEVEL: The Dolphins increased the blitz pressure after Patriots center Dan Koppen left the game with an injury with 1:18 left in the first half. Unfortunately for Miami, Tom Brady led the league last season with an NFL passer rating of 121.9 against five-or-more pass rushers.

No-huddle helps exploit mismatches in run game

NEXT LEVEL: Tom Brady and the Patriots used no-huddle offenses to keep the Dolphins in small defenses (five or more defensive backs) against their two tight end offenses. The Patriots ran for 85 yards on 16 attempts (5.3 yards/rush) against the Dolphins’ sub small defenses and just 21 yards on 8 attempts (2.6 yards/rush) against the Dolphins’ 3-4.

Henne much improved over middle

NEXT LEVEL: Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne looked like an improved quarterback from a season ago, particularly passing inside the numbers. Despite that interception on the final throw of the game, Henne finished with excellent numbers, particularly throwing over the middle of the field.

Bush becomes a middle man

NEXT LEVEL: Only 32.6 percent of Reggie Bush’s rushes for the Saints the past three seasons were up the middle and Bush averaged 4.2 yards per rush on such runs. On Monday night, nine of Bush’s 11 rushes were up the middle (81.8 percent) and they produced 3.4 yards per rush.

Compiled by Dan Riccio, John Parolin and John McTigue of ESPN Stats & Information.