Brady tops in Total QBR through Week 2

With the goal of creating a better metric for rating quarterbacks, ESPN unveiled Total QBR before the 2011 season. Hop HERE to read about the methodology. Despite finishing Week 2 with only the fourth best Total QBR, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has vaulted to the top spot early in the season:


Here's a quick blurb about the overall leaders from ESPN Stats and Info:

With back-to-back spectacular games to open the season, Tom Brady is the NFL leader with a Total QBR of 89.7 through two games. The Patriots QB led the league with a 76.0 Total QBR last season, and he is off to an even hotter start so far in 2011.

Behind Brady in second place is Ryan Fitzpatrick, who followed up his league-leading 91.2 Total QBR in Week 1 with a 82.2 in a comeback victory over the Raiders in Week 2. Those two quarterbacks will face off with the AFC East lead on the line in Buffalo in Week 3.

Here's a look at the top 5 from Week 2 and how Brady ranked behind the likes of Tony Romo and Jason Campbell: