Quick hits from the locker room

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from the media-access period in the Patriots' locker room:

Chris Forsberg/ESPN Boston

Patrick Chung talks to reporters Wednesday.1. Offensive linemen Logan Mankins and Brian Waters, defensive lineman Shaun Ellis, cornerback Devin McCourty, safety Patrick Chung, linebacker Dane Fletcher and safety James Ihedigbo were a few of the players drawing larger media crowds. Ellis and Ihedigbo, former Jets, were asked a lot of questions about experiencing the rivalry from the Patriots side of things.

2. Shaun Ellis on his time with the Patriots: "It's been great. It's been a wonderful experience so far, just seeing how they think and how they go about their business, just being a part of it and basically fitting in line. There are no high egos on this team. You see Brady out there running 20 sprints, so you go run 20 sprints. There is no one player above the team."

3. Ellis didn't want to get into comparisons beteween the Patriots and Jets, only acknowledging "it's totally different."

4. Probably the largest contingent of media members so far this season, in part because of the New York reporters in town.

5. Although he's been with the Patriots for a month, veteran right guard Brian Waters still said he feels like he's playing catch-up. He added that one aspect of the offensive line that stands out to him is that the unit is "never going to be satisfied." As for his thoughts on the Patriots-Jets rivalry when he was playing for the Chiefs, Waters said, "It's a tough rivalry, a lot of good football players on both ends of the deal. It's one of those things where because of the cities, which are more high profile, there is a lot of rivalry there in and of itself. I think this just falls in line with that."

6. Punter Zoltan Mesko took time getting used to his helmet, as the Patriots will be wearing 1980s throwbacks in the game. Several players seemed to be spending extra time in this area.

7. Defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, who has missed the last two games with a back injury, walked though the room but did not stop to speak with reporters.