Cowher's insight on Pats-Steelers

CBS studio analyst Bill Cowher offered his insight on Sunday's game between the Patriots and Steelers. His comments are passed along via CBS' public relations department:

"Every year the identity of a team changes to some degree. With both of these teams, while they’ve changed, the expectation level and to a large extent the results, haven’t changed. They are both winning organizations," Cowher said.

"Certainly, New England coming off a bye is well-rested. Pittsburgh will be a very tough defense for them. The Patriots have proven to be very resourceful week-in and week-out. Their running game is probably as good as it’s been all year.

"For Pittsburgh, their challenge is stopping Tom Brady in the spread offense. That is something I’m sure that they’ve looked at, and thought about, the whole offseason.

"Pittsburgh’s offense may be one of the most explosive in all of football. This is the best receiving corps that they’ve had in years. Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Hines Ward – these are the most weapons Ben Roethlisberger has ever had. And it may be the first time they have an offensive line with some degree of continuity. They are playing as well as they’ve played and are peaking offensively. And they will be a challenge defensively. This could decide home-field advantage, so there could be playoff implications in this game as well."

Cowher thinks the heat is more on Pittsburgh.

"When you’re playing this type of game at home, the pressure is certainly more on the home team," he said.