Brady again backs Ochocinco

Tom Brady and Chad Ochocinco were again unable to connect Sunday, with the quarterback targeting the enigmatic receiver five times unsuccessfully.

At one point late in the game, a visibly frustrated Brady was seen on the sideline having an animated conversation with Ochocinco, who later told the Herald the quarterback was telling him to “keep working, keep working.”

“Yeah, because we’re missing it by thismuch,” Ocho told the Herald as he held two fingers close together. "That’s it. That’s what he was saying, ‘Just keep working.'”

Brady expressed similar sentiments in an interview with Boston sports radio station WEEI on Monday morning.

"We make improvements every week. It's just a matter of us ultimately getting it done in the game,” Brady said. "Every week there's more confidence in what we're doing with him, and with him and me. It's just a matter of us getting out there and doing it on the field. Believe me, no one's more frustrated than us. We talked after the game about what we need to do to get better. And we're just going to keep doing it. We really don't know any other way."

At times on Sunday, it appeared Brady wasn’t comfortable throwing to Ochocinco, instead trying to force it into more trusted targets like Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski even when it appeared Ocho was more open than they were. It was also evident that the two still aren’t on the same page. On the five balls that went Ochocinco’s way on Sunday, at least a couple were off target. Was it a matter of Ocho not being where Brady expects him on the field? The quarterback shot down that theory Monday morning.

"Yeah, he is [in the right spots on the field]. He certainly is,” Brady said. "There's a lot of things that go into our offense, the timing of our offense. He and I have only played eight games together. And that was really with an abbreviated offseason. Like I said, we talk to each other after the game. It's frustrating coming off the field and we're not making the plays that we're capable of making. I know that, and I'm trying to get him the ball and I'm trying to make him a part of the offense. That's just what my role is."

On the season, Ochocinco has nine receptions for 136 yards, and none since Week 5. He’s been targeted by Brady 21 times.