When a day off isn't really a day off

Bill Belichick was so happy with the Patriots’ performance on Sunday night that he gave his players Monday and Tuesday off. But does that mean guys are kicking back and not reporting to Foxborough until mid-week?

Fat chance, says Tom Brady.

“I’d say everybody at some point goes in to work out or get treatment or start getting prepared for next week,” Brady explained during his weekly interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI on Monday morning. "It’s not like literally guys show up Wednesday morning. Not on this team at least, maybe some other teams, but our team has never been like that.”

Still, Brady said having that flexibility is something players appreciate.

“It’s pretty exciting. It doesn’t happen very often,” Brady said. "You watch the NFL channel and Week 1, I saw the Eagles won and Andy Reid said ‘All right, see you Wednesday’ and I shook my head like ‘Really?’. It just gives you a few extra hours on a Monday or a Tuesday. It’s nice for the players.

“As a quarterback, I head in on Monday and Tuesday, but it’s more on my schedule than on the team’s schedule. It’s nice for everybody to get refreshed a little bit.”

Brady was also asked how his arm was feeling. There had been some speculation that some of his uneven play of late had been the result of an injury or soreness.

“I’m feeling good. It’s a football season, so one week you feel good and the next week you’re banged up, but I am feeling good,” Brady said.