Offensive snaps: Woodhead lead RB

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- A look at snaps played by offensive skill-position players in the Patriots' 37-16 win over the Jets (as charted in press box, small margin for error):

TE Rob Gronkowski -- 66 of 69

WR Deion Branch -- 64 of 69

TE Aaron Hernandez -- 57 of 69

WR Wes Welker -- 53 of 69

RB Danny Woodhead -- 32 of 69

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis -- 17 of 69

WR Chad Ochocinco -- 16 of 69

WR Julian Edelman -- 12 of 69

TE Nate Solder-- 11 of 69

RB Kevin Faulk -- 9 of 69

RB Stevan Ridley -- 8 of 69

(Offensive holding penalty included; no 12-men-in-the-huddle penalty.)

ANALYSIS: The running back rotation was skewed by the Patriots going to the no-huddle/hurry-up package for two long drives in the third and fourth quarters. Of those 21 snaps in the hurry-up, Woodhead took 14 and Faulk 7. Add in Woodhead playing seven snaps in the hurry-up at the end of the second quarter, and that starts to reflect why he was the "lead" back in this game. Woodhead ran hard at the end of the game. ... At receiver, Edelman's 12 snaps were a season-high as he rotated in for Welker at the end of the game. ... Ochocinco played 14 snaps in the first half and only 2 in the second half, a result of not being part of the hurry-up. ... Gronkowski's high playtime total, which has been the norm this year, highlights how he's part of almost every package.