Follow-up thoughts on Jets-Broncos

Some follow-up thoughts on Thursday night's Jets-Broncos game, and how it relates to the Patriots:

1. As pointed out by @shompton on Twitter, this writer got "Tebowed." Thought the Jets would win and it all looked OK until the final drive.

2. The Patriots, at 6-3, are in prime position in the AFC East. They own the tiebreaker over the 5-5 Jets. With the Jets and Bills (5-4) playing a week from Sunday in the Meadowlands, one of those teams will have another loss (we're assuming there is no tie). Bottom line, if you're a Patriots follower, the picture couldn't look better considering what the discussion was at this time last week after back to back losses.

3. Mark Sanchez looks like a limited quarterback. Take away the quick slants and make him go to his second and third reads and he struggles. You'd think he'd be getting better at this point, but it looks like he's headed in the other direction.

4. Watching the out-of-the-ordinary Denver offense, with Tim Tebow and the option, made you think about how the Patriots might handle it on Dec. 18. That game looks more intriguing now. Denver has always been a tough place for the Patriots to play.

5. I was wrong on last night's prediction, and also wrong on thinking Denver made a mistake in the draft by passing on defensive tackle Marcell Dareus at No. 2 when they took defensive end/linebacker Von Miller. Watching Miller and Elvis Dumervil rush off the edge was impressive. They bring heat.

6. Big test of Rex Ryan's coaching and leadership with the Jets. Don't think there is any doubt that he's an excellent Xs and Os coach, but you wonder if he's steady enough to navigate a team through all the ups and downs of an NFL season.

7. On Tim Tebow, it feels like Doug Flutie all over to me in some ways. Might not look conventional, but he wins. And there's a lot of buzz.

8. Had a lot of fun on the blog last night. We'll do more of this as the season progresses.