National perspective on Pats

A spin around the Web for some of the national perspective on the Patriots:

1. Patriots have as good a chance as anyone. Don Banks of SI.com has his weekly “Snap Judgments” and this is what he says about the Patriots: “New England is a tough, resilient bunch, and it has seen it all by now and isn't scared easily. The Patriots may not make it all the way to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this season, but in an AFC that looks devoid of greatness, I like their chances as much anyone's.”

2. Watch out if Brady gets hot. Michael Lombardi of NFL.com files his weekly Monday column, which looks back at Sunday’s games, and he has a few thoughts on the Patriots-Eagles. “Tom Brady was back to being ... Tom Brady on Sunday. He destroyed the Eagles defense. Watching Brady play, you got the feeling that he was in complete control, which he was, and could do anything he wanted to the Birds defense, which he could. It is post-Thanksgiving and Brady is hot. Watch out.”

3. More kudos for Brady. In his "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece, Peter King of SI.com gives Brady his co-Offensive Player of the Week award. “Brady's day … is proof the Patriots will be in the pennant race well into January if their defense doesn't collapse,” King writes.

4. Quality, not quantity, for Patriots. On CBSSports.com, NFL writer Clark Judge has his weekly “Judgments” piece, and there are a few Patriots thoughts, such as this one: “This is what makes New England's 38-20 rout of Philadelphia so impressive: Tom Brady completed passes to only four receivers. You heard me. Four. Yet he still threw for 361 yards.” In a related note, Judge doesn’t put the Patriots in his top 5 ranking of NFL teams.

5. Patriots have the finishing kick. In her “Between the Tackles” piece on ESPN.com, which recaps all of Sunday’s action, NFL reporter Ashley Fox shares some Patriots thoughts, noting that while the team might start slow, it is finishing strong.