Travel audible: The right call?

Just called an audible. Curious if you think it was the right call.

Figured by now we would know if the NFL was "flexing" the Patriots' Dec. 18 road game against the Broncos from 4:15 p.m. ET into prime-time. The deadline to make the decision is 12 days before the game (link here), so we'll know for sure by Tuesday.

At this point, I don't see how the NFL doesn't move the game into prime-time.

Tebow vs. Brady. The surging Broncos against the always-popular Patriots. This is the type of situation for which flexible scheduling was introduced -- getting the biggest draw on prime-time.

So I checked off at the line of scrimmage. Gone is the red-eye return flight on Sunday night and in its place is a Monday return.

Too aggressive, perhaps, and eliminating the chance to get back early on Monday (which is preferred). But at this point what other game would you pick to replace the currenly scheduled Ravens-Chargers tilt?

Week 15 schedule

Bengals at Rams

Saints at Vikings

Redskins at Giants

Titans at Colts

Seahawks at Bears

Packers at Chiefs

Panthers at Texans

Dolphins at Bills

Lions at Raiders

Browns at Cardinals

Patriots at Broncos

Jets at Eagles

Ravens at Chargers

Steelers at 49ers (Monday)