Keeping tabs in race for No. 1 seed

The Steelers' 14-3 win over the Browns on Thursday night alters the AFC picture, for now, when it comes to the No. 1 seed.

Pittsburgh -- 10-3

Remaining games: at 49ers; vs. Rams; at Browns

New England -- 9-3

Remaining games: at Redskins; at Broncos; vs. Dolphins; vs. Bills

Baltimore -- 9-3

Remaining games: vs. Colts; at Chargers; vs. Browns; at Bengals

Houston -- 9-3

Remaining games: at Bengals, vs. Panthers, at Colts, vs. Titans

The NFL's tie-breaking procedures are always good to review in times like these (link here). Also, the health of Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (high ankle sprain) is an important storyline to monitor.

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