Soundbites from Patriots post-game

LANDOVER, Md. -- Some assorted soundbites from the Patriots locker room and post-game interviews following Sunday's 34-27 win over the Redskins:

Head coach Bill Belichick on decision not to call timeout in final minutes: "We were trying to stop them and if I would have thought it would have been a bad call, or it looked like we thought we had a bad matchup with what they were going to try to do, then sure we could've used it there. It was second and 15 and we felt like the same works in reverse. If you take a timeout they see what you're in and they change what they do and all that. If you don't feel good about what your matchup is or if you're on offense and you don't feel good about what your matchup is based on the way the defense is deployed, that's a situation where you could use a timeout at the end of the game if you have extra ones, but if you don't you're probably better letting the play play out rather than blowing it and then the next play they come out and you might be in an even worse matchup."

Tight end Rob Gronkowski on Patriots fan presence at FedEx Field: "Yeah, that was crazy, the fans were great. We had like, I would say at least half were New England fans. The fans were definitely out there supporting us. Our fans, they travel well and it was great that they were all there. ...I would say like half the front row were New England fans behind our bench, throughout the whole arena, so that was cool to see that."

Defensive end Andre Carter on his roughing the passer penalty: "I am sure that will be looked at tomorrow. It is unfortunate, especially when it comes to making a play. There was no intention of going low. I thought it was a good hit. The league has definitely been involved in protecting the quarterbacks which I understand. That was my fault and I will try better to not put our defense in that situation."