Quick hits from the locker room

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from the media-access period in the Patriots' locker room (11:15 a.m.-noon):

1. Big difference between today and Wednesday, as it was extremely quiet. The media contingent was reduced from Wednesday, but still a good number of reporters here. For many of them, it was a lot of standing around. LB Tracy White, DB Nate Jones, S James Ihedigbo and S/WR Matthew Slater were a few players to conduct interviews.

2. Two themes of the week for players -- "discipline" and "60 minutes." The discipline ties to the Broncos' offensive style and how it's different from the norm. Players are talking about not trying to do too much and staying within their responsibilities. Sometimes when something looks different from the norm there can be a tendency to stray from fundamentals. Players want to avoid that. Also, the "60 minutes" theme relates to the team's desire to play the full 60, especially given what Tim Tebow has accomplished in leading the Broncos back late in games.

3. You don't often hear of kickers being described as a weapon, but that's how the Patriots view Denver's Matt Prater. While Prater has a strong leg, players are also on alert this week for onside kicks, which Prater has shown a knack for executing.

4. One of the things defenders are focusing on this week is making quick adjustments based on how the Broncos' offense changes things up. That has led to a faster tempo at practice.

5. In addition to the fast tempo, as is always the case before road games, loud music is being played at practice to simulate crowd noise. One song on Wednesday's set list: "No Easy Way Out" from Rocky IV.