Chung always felt he'd be back

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Safety Patrick Chung, who has missed the last six games with a foot injury, told reporters this afternoon that he always believed he would return in the 2011 season.

"Never, never, never," he said, when asked if he wondered if his season could have been over. "It's just day to day, sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn't."

Asked if he became more patient with the injury, or if he's been champing at the bit, Chung said, "A little of both, but I mean, you have to be safe."

Chung was a game-time decision on Nov. 13 against the Jets, cutting hard on the foot in pre-game warmups. He didn't play that game, and hasn't played since.

Was it too much, too soon at that time?

"That was five weeks ago, man. I'm over that," he responded. "Now I'm here and getting ready for this [Dolphins] team."

Some more from Chung:

How would you describe the last six games, not being able to join your teammates?

"Watching us win, it feels awesome. I wasn't part of it but we're winning. We're a team, not individuals here. I'm not worried about that. We're winning."

Have you felt like you've been close?

"It's just a day to day process. Keep working. Keep doing whatever I have to do to get better."

Is talking today a sign that you might play Saturday?

"You can think what you want of that [laughing], but I feel good and I'm working hard."

Did a week off from practice last week really help?

"Yeah, any time you get time to make your body heal, it's going to help, regardless of whether it's a couple hours, it's a day or a week. It definitely helped."

What are your thoughts on the new players in the secondary?

"My thoughts are fine. I'm going to tell you the same thing every week. We're in the same room, learning the same things. So there is no excuse of 'I don't know this' or 'I didn't get that.' We're in the same room. I have confidence in anybody that's playing."

Thoughts on Matthew Slater and Julian Edelman playing defense?

"Slater has been our honorary D boy. He's been a defensive back. Then Julian ... I really wasn't worried about those guys. I talked to Julian and said 'I have some faith in you, man.' He's been making plays."