Bruschi: Defense makes Pats 'risky' pick

ESPN Boston analyst Tedy Bruschi was on The Herd on ESPN Radio on Wednesday with fill-in host Michael Smith, and part of their NFL discussion centered on the Patriots. Specifically, Smith asked Bruschi whether the New England defense was good enough to prevent another one-and-done postseason.

“It’s risky right now in New England the way they’re playing defense going into the playoffs,” Bruschi says. “It’s almost like that defense is predicated on [the assumption that it’s going to give up yards]. It’s a foregone conclusion.

"They haven’t improved in that aspect, in terms of allowing teams to go up and down the field on them no matter what way [they do it]. When they played the Broncos a few weeks ago, the Broncos ran the ball. When New England faces quality quarterbacks, they can spread it around [against the Patriots D].

"What the Patriots have to do defensively is get turnovers. They have to get two or three a game to stop those possessions to get Tom Brady the ball more. When that’s what your defense is predicated on, it’s risky. Because when there comes a game where you don’t get those and Brady has to do that on a consistent basis against a quality defense, now, then you might have a problem.”

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